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Who Did This To Me? (s...
Seem To Never Get It Right? Have you ever sat down at the end of the day and wondered “what happened?” At times when things seem to be going great and then “zap” things seem to make a severe turn and end up being further behind than before. We may wonder “what happened?” or “Who did that to me?” For many of us we cannot find a villain outside us so the question must be [ continue reading ]...
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The Blame Game
The Blame Game How the past may be running/ruining your future It’s human nature to look for reasons: reasons something did or did not happen, reasons why someone said something, reasons why you haven’t found your dream. Then you create a “because”. “I’m still in this dead-end job because I need the security of a paycheck.” “I have to be the best in my class because I need to get into Good college.”   “I have [ continue reading ]...
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