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Laminin – Custom Made

open source video, online video platform, video streaming, video solutions Meet Louie Giglio, internationally traveled evangelist, powerful motivational speaker and inspiration to many. Louie tells the story of how he discovered a secret that is as old as life itself, yet seems to be understood only by scientists. Laminin ... the glue that holds us all together.

An actual picture of the "glue that holds us together"

Ever go through a time when it seems like life is insignificant? Things don't go well and you begin to wonder who is God ... or ... where is this God you have been serving? Since we all go through times of stress, distress, pain, frustration, difficulty, overwhelming situations and more ... sometimes we need a reminder, some kind of proof ... no matter how small ... something ... anything that can get us back on the right track. Enter Laminin
laminin molecular microscope

Laminin through an electron molecular microscope

How about that hint.... We are custom made with God's trademark built in the innermost fiber of our being. If God cared enough to build every single cell in your body with his "trademark" in it ... then ... how much does He care for the finished product? And then, how much more beyond that does He care for every thought you think, choice you choose and decision you make. I am convinced, without the shadow of a doubt that God who made us to love, has redeemed us from our sinful ways by the shed blood of His son Jesus. It would take some kind of mind numbingly powerful God to be willing to send His son to die for the condemned, in their places. Just as any company or inventor leaves their "mark" or design or logo to identify who created it, God has left his mark on us down to the molecular level. Be assured, good times and bad, God loves us, created us to love, and has an amazing story to be lived out through our lives. Don't let this slip by .... If God went through this much effort to claim you as His own...what would happen if you went to the "master creator" to see what is the best way for us to operate as His creation ... Not sure? Ask your coach! If this article spoke to you ... please post a response below ...I promise that I will respond directly to you right here on the site!
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