April 9, 2011 6:30 am

Grief and Loss Coaching

Grief and loss happen to us all
Many times after the loss of a loved one, a loved job, a broken relationship or even a favorite pet, we go through a time of grieving. Grieving does not happen by dates on a calendar or impact everyone the same. This is a topic that allows for questions and answers on a topic that will impact us all at some time. Sometimes people where we work, go to school or even family and friends who mean well will suggest that you need to "get over it". The truth is that grieving is a process and not a single decision. We work through grief. It can take a few weeks to even over a year. Without assistance beyond those impacted by the loss, for many people, we can never see the end of the way we feel. It can feel dark, lonely, overwhelming and yet illogical. If you find yourself not being able to sleep at night, with changes in your eating habits, feeling like being alone for extended periods of time, avoiding the people we love and work with, reoccurring bouts of overwhelming depression, you may find yourself trapped in "self medication" with alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs or a list of other compulsive behaviors ..... you need help and we can help you. Having different responses emotionally from usual (either not seeming to feel or by being overwhelmed with emotion) you are not alone. There is a process that we must move through to go from the immediate loss, through the various stages of grief toward resolution which can make us stronger in the end. If you are ready to work through your loss, a trained Life Coach with specialized training in grief, trauma and loss can help you walk through your situation. We  have 2 coaches that specifically certified in helping you through the Grief and Loss experince and are here for you! If this article spoke to you ... please post a response below ...I promise that I will respond directly to you right here on the site!
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